L.E.D. light replacement

Replace the lights in your home/premises to reduce your

energy usage by 80%. Most light fittings have either a retro

fit globe or a new fitting to drastically reduce your energy

usage and therefore your electricity bill


​Switch and power point replacement

Old or damaged switches can present a major hazard if they

aren’t fixed. or upgrade during your renovation to something

more modern.


​Under tile/carpet heating installation

Electric underfloor heating is a luxury that’s quite affordable

to install. We can supply and install this into your bathroom

to help with those cold winters



Air Conditioning installation

Working with a plumber we can install all types of

air condtioners, reverse cycle split systems, ducted systems

Switchboard Upgrades/Replacements

Old fuse boxes are a thing of the past. Replace yours today

with Circuit Breakers and Safety Switches to ensure the

safety of your family.


Ceiling fan installation

Ceiling fans when compared to air conditioners use minimal 

power for those hot nights, which are too warm for a good

night sleep



Data and Phone

NBN and broadband points installed in an annoying 

location? We can move or add extra points to your 

premises. these days we don’t need this to be in a study but 

in the centre of the house to maximise the wireless signal. 

We can also run fast data lines to new appliances that need 

the internet like your smart TV or apple TV



Alarm and intercom

We can supply and install many different types of systems to 

suit your needs. Want to open the garage door and disarm 

alarm all in one wireless button?